Sermons On Demand

On this page you can listen online to audio recordings of recent Sunday morning sermons. You may  also save them to your computer and transfer them to your iPod, mp3 player, make a CD or play them directly from your computer. To save them to your computer you can do the following :

        In Windows Internet Explorer, right click on the sermon you wish to save and choose "Save Target As...".

        In Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, right click on the sermon you wish to save and choose "Save Link As...".

        Don't forget the location where you saved the file!

By simply clicking the play button after each link you can start the built-in media player.  It will load the file as fast as your connection allows.  You can press the stop button to stop loading the file.  Pause will stop playing but continue to load the sermon.








With the final June 2014 entry, Sermons on Demand will be temporarily suspended until further notice. We will resume posting sermons at a date to be determined. Sermons posted above will remain available until new postings begin.















Please contact David McIntosh if you have any questions about the recordings.





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