Our Staff



Glenn LaRue
Our senior pastor, Glenn LaRue, wants his entire life to be consumed with following Jesus and leading others to follow Jesus as well. He has been married to his wife, Amy, since 2002, and they have five children. Beyond his commitment to his family, his life’s passions are to love the church, to preach and teach God’s Word, and to reach out to those who don’t yet know the Savior.

Glenn grew up in a Christian home and came to know Christ as a boy. Throughout his adult life, he has ministered in the church in various ways. He has worked closely with students of all ages in both church and school settings. He served as a young adult minister for seven years and as a campus pastor and church planter at Marshall University for three years. In addition to his ministry experience, Glenn attended the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he received his M. Div. in biblical and theological studies and his Ph. D. in theology.

Glenn’s main goal as a pastor is to see the church grow in both purity and people. As we seek to conform our lives to Christ and tell of his good news, he believes God’s Spirit will draw others to the Savior and unite their hearts with ours. Because of this desire, Glenn seeks to preach in such a way that will feed the church and invite others into our fellowship. Glenn’s goal for every sermon is that it be a clear, faithful, bold, exposition of the Word, a grace saturated exhortation to trust Christ, and a dynamic message that engages the listener with practical relevance: “Sometimes I am closer to the mark than others, but careful exposition, gracious exhortation, and dynamic engagement is what I’m shooting for every week. If we can agree on that target, then we can grow together by his grace.

You may check out Glenn’s blog at followandlead.net

Neal McKinney
Youth Minister
Neal McKinney has been our Youth Pastor and Director of Recreation since February of 2001. He is married to the former Keesha Holtvoigt. They are both graduates of Miamisburg High School. Neal is currently pursuing his bachelors degree from Liberty University. He plans to attend seminary upon completion of his undergraduate degree. Along with their sons Gavin and Chase, they live in Carlisle.

Neal was blessed with Christian parents, and was raised going to church. He made the choice to follow Christ early in his life. He felt the call to ministry in his early teens, and began working with youth in 1991.

Neal longs to see the youth of UBC connected to God, loving other people, and serving their world. He believes that it's important for each teen to know why they believe what they believe. They also need to be able to make wise decisions, and learn how to navigate this world for the glory of God. Neal also wants teens to understand that God has called them to a life of purity, and commitment to Him.

Kevin Wilson
Minister of Music
and Worship
Kevin Wilson is our Minister of Music and Worship and our newest staff member. He is married to the former Keatha Chadrick, a graduate of Dayton Christian High School. Kevin is a graduate of Fairborn High School. Kevin and Keatha have education degrees from Wright State University. Kevin completed his master's degree in music education in 1996 and has been teaching high school choirs at Vandalia-Butler High School for 18+ years. Keatha has been teaching 2nd and 3rd grades for 19+ years. Kevin and Keatha have 2 children; Christopher and Amanda.

Kevin accepted Christ as his Savior at the age of 7 and was raised in a Christian home. He grew up attending First Baptist Church of Fairborn. He has served as music director at Airway Baptist Church in Dayton, Beavercreek Baptist Church, and most recently at Crestview Baptist Church in Clayton, Ohio. Kevin is a member of the American Choral Directors Association and the Music Educators National Conference.

Kevin's desire in ministry is to encourage people to worship together through music. Styles and tastes vary from person to person, but all people can worship together through a variety of music. University offers a blended worship service through which everyone can experience the love of God, as well as, the love of other Christians.

Dale Norris
Pastor to Senior Adults
Dale was born in Osborn, Ohio (now Fairborn) and attended Wittenburg University. He has been saved going on four decades. He started out preaching in nursing homes and after receiving an invitation from the Truckers Christian Chapel Ministries, he became a Traveling Chaplain for that ministry. Dale served as Assistant Pastor in various Baptist churches. He was Pastor of Honey Creek Baptist Church in Christiansburg, Ohio. He also served as the Outreach Pastor at Medway Baptist Church Medway, Ohio. He believes that our service to God lasts until our final breath.

Dale has been married to the former Shirley Davis since 1961. They have two sons, Michael, who God graciously took home November 14, 2008; and Jason, as well as two daughters, Leslie and Dana. They have nine grandchildren.

Chaplain of Christiansburg City Council in the 90