Find It Here

What is GPS / FinditHere???

As many as 3 out of 4 people die in North America without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe Scripture has provided a simple roadmap for change. With every believer sharing, every person should have an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel by 2020. We call it God's Plan for Sharing. The first GPS campaign, known as Across North America is already underway. State conventions, associations and churches are gearing up to touch millions of households in March with a targeted media campaign and invitations to Easter services.

UBC has targeted 1000 homes closest to our Church as part of this call to reach our community with the love of Jesus Christ. We need help in March to carry out this call. Are you interested in helping with this effort? If so please join us in the sanctuary on Sunday evenings at 6:30 to find out more! There are many things you can do to help, please come to find out how.

Prayer Requests:
Pray for UBC members who will be willing to put a sign in their front yard stating "". Contact Tonja Randall if you want to be part of this ministry.

Pray for the class/service on Sunday nights. Pray for those leading and attending.

Pray for volunteers willing to prayer walk our designated neighborhood.

Please also see the Southern Baptist Convention website,