Bible Study

During the 9:30 - 10:30 hour on Sunday Mornings, you can attend a Small Group Bible Study. There are a number of small groups meeting at that time. They are not all age related. You may choose the group that fits your need.

CHILDREN: There are classes for all ages beginning with newborns. All workers are required to submit to a backgound check and to attend Reducing the Risk training. Classes meet on the lower level directly beneath the Family Life Center.

YOUTH: Under the supervision of the Associate Pastor to families with students Neal McKinney, there are Small Groups for grades 7-12. Classes meet in the underneath the office wing.

ADULTS: There are a variety of Small Groups meeting throughout the building. There is a group for young singles (age 18-25), for women only, and several that are co-ed. Classes meet on the lower level directly beneath the sanctuary.

Sunday School Teachers and Leaders

Preschool Coordinators - Liz Walls & Tonja Randall

Children Coordinator - Keatha Wilson

Youth Coordinator - Neal McKinney

Adult Small Group Coordinator - Chris Cline


Class   Teacher 1   Teacher 2   Addl info
Babies - Diane Cockerham - Phyllis Winans - Teach every other week
Babies - Shirley McKinney - Tracy Johnson - Teach every other week
Toddler - Age 5 - Donna Hawes -    
Toddler - Age 5 - Paula Coffey - Bev Tripplett    
Kindergarten - Karen Cook -      
Grade 1-2 - Stephanie Kingrey - Ania Kaczka - Britni Morgan    
Grade 3-4 - Keesha McKinney - Tiffany O'Rick        
Grade 5-6 - Eric Spahr - Tammi Spahr    
Grade 7-8 - Jason Kingrey - Matthew Thorpe    
Grade 9-10 - Mike Giffen - Cami Walton    
Grade 11-12 - Victor Turner - Sandy Turner    
Singles - Neal McKinney - Bruce Walls - Ages 18 - 25
Co-Ed III - David Beals - Jim Barnes    
Co-Ed VI - Mike Winans - Chris Cline    
Co-Ed VII - Roger Miller - Dale Hocz    
Co-Ed VIII - Dale Norris - Sherrill Sizemore    
Ladies I-II - Nancy Gross - Sheila Milton    
Ladies III - Virginia Klinefelter - Carolyn Laws    
Ladies IV -